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Note From The Founder of Ex Forces Jobs...
Leaving The Armed Forces.
Soon after leaving the army in 2010, like many, things started to fall apart. I soon realised that many others were and would be struggling with the same issues.

Leaving the security of the armed forces was a challenge, but I soon realised that there were  people worse off than myself.

Being an early adaptor of Facebook I set about creating Ex Forces Jobs. A group that became the largest Ex Forces Job group for Ex British Forces on Facebook. 

With the help, commitment and dedication of a small admin team many people have been helped in finding employment with others getting the answers to questions they were unsure of. 

Many Ex Forces personnel leaving the Military find themselves struggling to understand what it is they want to do for their next chosen career. The skills and discipline they acquire whilst serving puts them in a fantastic position to be given a chance to prove themselves to any future employer.

All to often individuals don't realise how good they can be if they push themselves a little more out of their comfort zone and apply for better jobs.

The hardest part has always been the process of selling one's self by means of an out of date C.V system that changes and is always subject to people's opinions as to what worked best for them.

Recruitment agencies play a massive part in the whole end to end process, and those that are head and shoulders above the competition realise the value they offer by presenting employment opportunities to Ex Forces personnel as well as offering advice to the individual as to how best to acquire a position that suites both the company offering the opportunity and the individual applying.

Many get confused with the difference between a job and work and on several occasions we are faced here at Ex Forces Jobs with individuals not showing their worth and subsequently being let go from their place of employment. Keeping a job for many is difficult, and many find themselves constantly repeating the process of finding new jobs time and time again.

The other end of the spectrum however, highly motivated and qualified individuals are out there ready to be given a chance to shine and prove that they really are the best person to become part of a companies highly effective team.

Recruitment agencies now have the opportunity to subscribe to our extremely low monthly fee which could result in your company becoming the go to recruitment agency of choice to Ex Forces personnel and thus enhancing your credibility and success within the recruitment industry.

We want to work with enthusiastic, ethical, transparent companies that have the interests of our members at the forefront of their companies ethos. Those that see the value in our bespoke package deal will benefit from working with our 27,000+ members.
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